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    Epifanov's suit "Zvezda"
    Polymagnetic equipment

    The complete official name:
    "Polymagnetic therapeutic computer installation treating by a running magnetic field - "Epifanov's suit"".
    Specifications THAT 9444-001-12000956.
    It is registered in Russian Federation, and brought in to the State register of medical products.

    The polymagnetic installation "Epifanov's suit" is intended for influence on the body of the patient by a running pulse magnetic field (Russian Federation Patent № 2051705) with the purpose of restoration of power processes in fabrics and organs of the whole body and for improvement rheological properties of blood at defeats vascular of a channel various genesis.
    The magnetic field of a special configuration is formed according to the given program of influence under the control of the computer in multisection suit, which repeats the form of a human body and consists from the large number of independently controlled magnetos.

    Polymagnetic installation consists of:
    - support for accommodation magneto blocks;
    - magneto blocks, mounted on a support in system of a suit-type;
    - the block of management, assigned for formation of a running pulse magnetic field in the magneto blocks of the suit;
    - the computer, through which is carried out management of work of installation; - the special software;
    - connecting cables;
    - workplace of the attendants (table, armchair)

    "Epifanov's clinic" - has developed and the manufactured the "Epifanov's suit" and constantly working on perfection of the suit.

    Results of the carried out clinical tests of the "Epifanov's suit" allow to make an authentic conclusion that the method of treatment with the help of the "Epifanov's suit" is highly effective at treatment various vascular of a pathology extremity, basin and in case of simultaneous presence of an extensive spectrum of various accompanying diseases. This method of treatment can be applied independently, and in a complex with medicaments and operative treatment depending on the weight of pathological process and the presence of various accompanying diseases. Results are confirmed with the earlier carried out state tests of an author's sample under the USSR ministry of the public health services' order № 589 from 17.06.82, long-term clinical researches and remote results of treatment, described in the doctor's dissertation Epifanov's "Polymagnetic system in treatment chronic occlusive of defeats artery extremity", 20 years work of vascular surgery branch with application of polymagnetic systems "Star" organized under the USSR ministry of the public health services' order № 589 from 17.06.82, in which 10000 patients with various vascular pathologies were successfully cured.

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