• Chronic critical limb ischemai as a criterion of baselessness of angiology both to explain and treat ascemding necrosis of limb tissues in the presence of rest pain and the necessity to introduce a new type of specialized in-patient medical care into public health service of the russian federation
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    Епифанов Алексей Герасимович~

    Alexey Epifanov was born in Ryazan on January 5, 1950. The deserved doctor of Russian Federation, the doctor of medical sciences, the professor managing vascular branch with theapplication of polymagnetic installations "Epifanov's suit" of the Ryazan state clinical hospital № 10.
    He is the well-known scientist working in practical medicine. As the student of the academician Shumakov V., A. Epifanov worked on the dissertation under his management. He is the founder of the essentially new method of the influence on human's body through polymagnetic installation "Epifanov's suit" which does not have analogues in the whole world. Doctor Epifanov has developed essentially new approaches to treatment vascular of defeats extremity (obliterating endarteritis, atherosclerosis, Raynaud's syndrome, thromboangiitis obliterans, trombophlebitis, phlebothrombosis, postphlebit illness etc.). He is the founder of the system-power conception of self-organizing of alive systems, from which position he has developed original classification and has given a new explanation pathogenesis occlusive of defeats artery and extremity.
    He has also developed and organized serial manufacture of a new kind of medical engineering - "Epifanov's suit".

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